Bentley Pontoons

Our dedication to quality and craftmanship runs deep, that is why we make our own components such as furniture, canvas work, tubes and railings. This ensures quality control while saving money and time so we can offer the best value on the water. We are focused on offering a great boat at an affordable price, to provide enjoyable time on the water for you and your family. In selecting a new Bentley Pontoon, you can count om making lasting memories for many years to come.

Elite Admiral Line

Elite Swingback Line

Elite Rear Lounger Line

Bentley Cruise Line

Bentley Navigator Line

Bentley Swingback Line

Bentley Rear Lounger Line

Bentley Fish N' Cruise Line

Bentley 4 Point Fish Line

Bentley LE Cruise Line

Bentley LE Center Walk Through Line

Bentley LE 3 Point Line