War Eagle Boats

Aluminum Hunting and Fishing Boats

Since 1992 there has been one name at the top of the aluminum boat industry, War Eagle Boats. Built with welded aluminum the War Eagle is one of the toughest boats on the water. With a full line of duck hunting boats and aluminum fishing boats War Eagle offers a boat for everyone. War Eagle Boats has a strategic partnership with Ducks Unlimited that allows them to donate millions of dollars to waterfowl conservation.

War Eagle Blackhawk Series

Blackhawk 761
Blackhawk 961
Blackhawk 2170

War Eagle Sportsman Series

548 LDV
648 LDV
754 LDSV
754 LDV
848 LDV
860 LDSV
2072 LDSV
2372 LDSV
750 Gladiator

If you are looking for an aluminum duck boat or fishing boat, look no further. War Eagle builds the most rugged, versatile and functional boat on the market. When packaged with Reliable Yamaha Outboard Motors you have a hunting and fishing machine that will last for generations.

Superior Handling and Maneuverability: With a winged transom design War Eagle boats provide excellent handling in both shallow or deep water.

Industry Leading Camo Paint: Your choice of licensed camo patterns on your aluminum boat. All paint jobs are hand painted so no patterns are the same. Using multiple colors gives the HD camo look you expect.

Heavy Gauge Aluminum: All welded, heavy gauge aluminum makes War Eagle Boats the toughest on the water.

High Resale: Owners usually don’t sell their War Eagles, but when they do their durability keeps the price high, so you can get your investment back if you decide to sell.

More Options: More layouts than any other aluminum boat manufacture. Tons of hunting and fishing options and accessories are available to customize your boat.