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War Eagle Boats – The Legend Continues

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War Eagle Boats - The Legend

I said to myself I had “had it.”  Back in 1995, Rudy Marine was selling over 100 aluminum boats a year by 3 different manufacturers, all of which were well known.  Every one of those manufacturers’ boats started leaking.  That’s when I said I’m not selling aluminum boats anymore.  At that same time, I went a small dealer boat show Charlotte, SC.  There I met John Ward, Kim Ward and Mike Ward, the owners of War Eagle boats.  I took one look at the War Eagle boats and knew they were the answer to my problem.  I needed a high-quality aluminum boat that wasn’t going to leak.  War Eagle is the battle tank of aluminum boats.  They are tough, rugged and durable.  War Eagle boats are all hand welded.  Hand welding creates a much more durable boat because the metal does not become tempered.  All other manufacturers use mechanical welders which tempers the metal causing cracks in the welds.  War Eagle boats have high, angled extrusions every 4” across the bottom.  These extrusions create a high degree of strength.  All other manufacturers have a very small extrusion, usually rounded and separated every 6” across the bottom.  War Eagle boats have a 2” tall ¼” thick ice breaking keel.  This keel is welded from the tip of the bow all the way to the stern on both sides.  It is also an interlocking keel which means one half of the hull slides into a slot in the side of the keel before it is welded thereby creating far superior strength than their competitors.  Other manufacturers join the keel together with a single weld and then tack-weld a small strip of metal over top.  War Eagle boats incorporate a wing-T transom design which creates far superior strength than any other manufacturer, therefore their horse power rating is much higher than all other manufacturers.  When you incorporate all these attributes into the construction of a War Eagle boat – hand welding, high/angled extrusion, interlocking ice breaking keel, wing-T transom design – you create a far superior and much higher quality aluminum boat than any other manufacturer on the market today.  If you compare pricing of a War Eagle boat to other manufacturers, with the same options, they tend to be in a comparable price range.   For questions, contact

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