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How To Protect Your Outboard Motor From Ethanol – 4 Simple Steps

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How to protect outboard from ethanolAs one of the top Yamaha Outboard Dealers in the region and the leading Repower Specialist in Tax Free Delaware we get asked all the time – “How Do I Protect My Motor From Ethanol?”  Ethanol is in fact one of the leading problems with outboards, but has a very simple solution.

The Problem: Ethanol

Lets first take a peak at the problem – Ethanol.  Ethanol is found in most of the retail available fuel today.  The main goal for ethanol is to reduce emissions.  Since ethanol is an alcohol, it is going to attract water through the vents in fuel tanks or condensation forming in fuel tanks.  Once enough water is mixes with your fuel it will sink to the bottom of the tank where your fuel pick up is located.  This allows water to be pushed into your outboard.  A secondary, but equally damaging problem with ethanol is that it can loosen debris in your fuel system and believe it or not bring with it debris from fuel tanks, transmission lines and even the pump at the fuel dock.  This debris can cause your motor run poorly or stop running all together.

The 4 Step Solution:

STEP ONE:  Install a 10-micron fuel / water separating filter.  This allows water to safely sink out of the fuel and collect at the bottom of the filter.  We recommend the Yamaha spin-on 10-micron filter.  This specific filter has an extra large water retention area and will catch the tiniest debris allowing only clean fuel to get to your outboard.

STEP TWO:  Add fuel stabilizer and conditioner every time you fuel up.  There are many quality options that you can choose from.  Just make sure that it is a marine product and a non-alcohol based formula.  A couple options to look at are Yamalube Fuel Stabalizer and Conditioner, Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment, Sta-Bil Ethanol Treatment and Stabilizer.

STEP THREE:  Add an internal engine cleaner to every tank of fuel.  We only recommend one product for this step, Yamalube Ring Free Plus.  This product does three things for you.  One, it enhances performance by stopping carbon from sticking to engine components.  Second, it protects your engine components from corrosion and finally it cleans deposits off your internal engine and fuel system.

STEP FOUR:  By your gas from places that sell a lot of gas.  SPECIAL NOTE – Pay special attention to this late in the season, you might need to find somewhere else other than your normal fuel dock.  You want to buy the most fresh and potent gas possible, you certainly don’t want to be getting left over fuel that has been sitting around untreated.

If you need to grab any of these products stop into one of our Rudy Marine locations.  We are conveniently located in Lewes, Wilmington and Coming Soon to Dagsboro.

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