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Top 5 Reasons to Own a Pontoon Boat in Rehoboth Delaware

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Pontoon Boat Rehoboth DelawareIf you have ever been on the sandbar at Nats Cove or having a meal at Paradise Grill you will most certainly have seen the fun you can have on a Pontoon Boat. Choosing to have a pontoon boat in Delmarva opens up a wide range of activities to help you enjoy the summertime fun the beach has to offer.

The choices, features and options available on Pontoon Boats these days seems never ending.  We now have boats with two pontoons or three, small motors or large Yamaha outboards.  Today’s pontoon boats are far from the ones of years past.  Each manufacture has it’s own unique design, but we believe that Crest is the Best and carry a full line of Crest Pontoon Boats.

What is so great about todays Pontoon Boats?  Mostly, the versatility a pontoon boat offers in the Rehoboth Bay, Indian River Bay or Assawoman Bay.  Here are the top 5 reasons to own a Pontoon Boat.

1 – Pontoon Boats are Perfect for Entertaining Family and Friends

Having kids out on the water, especially young kids can sometimes be a handful, but not in a floating playpen.  With a pontoon boat younger kids who need more supervision can be corralled on the deck.  On boats like the Crest Pontoon child safety is very important and can be seen in the child proof manufactured doors.  For the older kids, pontoon boats with a swim ladder allow you to anchor almost anywhere for a day full of swimming.  Finally, todays performance pontoons allow for water skiing, tubing and even wake boarding.

If you want to leave the kids home and entertain on a pontoon, there is plenty of space and seating to keep everyone comfortable.  When spending a day on the water with friends having a large bimini top is great to offer an escape from the hot summer sun.  Having a deluxe comfort seating package makes for a great time for drinks at sunset or even cruising to one of Delmarva’s favorite water front restaurants.  Two that come to mind for me are, Paradise Grill in Millsboro and Irish Eyes in Lewes.

2 – A Pontoon Might be the Perfect Bay Fishing Boat

If you spend your fishing season in the Rehoboth or Indian River Bays you’ll certainly see tons of Pontoon Boats out fishing.  You can even hit the back sides of the Indian River Inlet in a pontoon.  Although we certainly do not recommend going into the inlet or through it.  There are somethings that a pontoon is not designed for and being in an inlet when the tide is running is certainly one of them.

Where pontoon boats can excel rather nicely is flounder, bluefish and striper.  There are countless spots in the Rehoboth Bay, Indian River Bay and Assawoman Bay to target these fish out of a pontoon.  Whether you have a luxury model or a rig set up to fish you will have plenty of room to bring along a group of anglers.  The shallow draft allows for you to get set up on a good drift across some of the channel cuts or deep holes in the bays.

With plenty of space, tending to crab pots is very simple.  Once again the shallow draft might let you get those pots into a honey hole others can’t reach.  If you want to do some clamming, the easy boarding offered by a swim ladder lets everyone grab a rake and have some fun.

3 – First Time Boat Owner or Seasoned Pro – Pontoons are Easy To Use

The learning curve on a pontoon boat is not steep at all.  Plus, there is a much higher margin for error should something happen.  Starting with their general construction pontoons are very forgiving.  The aluminum pontoons and metal undercarriage on most models are resistant to minor incidents like running aground or clipping a dock.  This is especially true with the over engineered safety of a Crest Pontoon Boat.

Safety is always a concern with boating.  No matter what brand pontoon you purchase you want to make sure that the pontoons have multiple, fully sealed chambers.  This means if there is a puncture you will remain afloat.  Checking on the length of M brackets, thickness of nose cones, cross member dimensions etc. are also important, but that is for another time.

Clean up and storage are also easy.  After a long day on the water or an evening at a local restaurant that last thing you want is something that is hard to clean.  Normal cleaning is simple, flush the motor, spray down with fresh water, let dry and cover.

4 – Pontoon Boats are Easy to Maintain

With just a little TLC on your part and a good service oriented dealership keeping your pontoon boat in perfect working order is very simple.  The way that a pontoon boat is designed makes it extremely easy to maintain.

As the primary user you can do very simple tasks that will keep your boat in nearly new shape.  Washing the salt off after each use is a great start.  You can simply spray your boat down with fresh water or use an environmentally friendly boat soap.  Next a fresh water flush of your motor after running her in saltwater will keep it in better shape.

Choosing a service oriented dealer is very important.  By having a dealership adhere to the manufactures’ maintenance schedule each year your boat will be in good shape.  Allowing your dealership to also provide winterization, shrink wrap and spring service keeps your boat away from the harsh elements and insures that the cold Delaware winters won’t damage your boat.

5 –  Pontoon Boats Last a Long Time

When your pontoon boat begins getting up in years it is very easy to give her a face lift.  It may seem like pontoons can last forever, and that may be true.  One very important piece to that equation is whether you invested in a well engineered and built boat.  Below deck is very important, followed by a well built fence.  With a structurally superior boat like a Crest you can do cosmetic upgrades to further enhance the longevity of your boat.

Technology in pontoon boats is always improving, however it is not as rapid as some of the other styles of boats.  This means that the shinny new technology is not always needed to spruce up a pontoon boat.  Dropping a new sound system or some LED deck lights can be enough to make an older boat feel new again.

Construction of the right pontoon boat will allow you to enjoy back bay activities while not causing damage.  We all love to raft up at a local beach head or sandbar, having a solid aluminum undercarriage allows you to do this year after year, something a front heavy fiberglass boat might allow.

This is just the start of why owning a pontoon boat in the Rehoboth Delaware area makes such perfect sense.  When summer rolls around the bays of Delmarva flood with people who love the Pontoon Lifestyle.  If you would like to learn more about pontoon boats or specific models, give us a shout or drop us a note…we’d love to help.

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