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Since 2002, NauticStar boats have been using state-of-the-art precision to design Center Console fishing boats and Deck Boats that adhere to the highest standards in the boating industry.  NauticStar sets itself apart from the competition by offering 100% wood-free construction, a one-piece molded fiberglass stringer and uni-body hull construction.  NauticStar boats lend themselves to the shallow bays or offshore waters of Delaware and Maryland.  If you are looking for a solid fishing boat or a family runabout you won’t find a better ride than with a NauticStar.

Quality Assurance – Water Tested

Even with three generations of hands on experience and industry leading engineers, designers and craftsman each NauticStar Boat is Water Tested and Quality Reviewed before starting their trip to your front door.  The NauticStar Quality Assurance team takes extreme pride in inspecting each and every feature meticulously to ensure your new boat is in flawless condition and is in perfect working order.

No Wood Rot – Wood Free Construction

All NauticStar boats feature multiple layers of hand laid fiberglass creating a boat that is strong and durable.  Extending the hull life is a vinyl ester barrier coat that helps to eliminate cracking and any corrosion.  Topping off this wood free construction process is the Gel-Coat that allows your new boat to maintain a show room polished shine.

Foam Filled One Piece Fiberglass Stringer System

Continuing with the wood free construction is the industrial-strength molded fiberglass stringer system.  This one piece system dramatically increases the structural stability unlike a multiple piece unit.  The NauticStar team has designed this system to reduce sound, dampen vibration as well as increase floatation by filling the molded unit with marine foam.

Unibody Boat Construction

The one-piece fiberglass deck creates a triple bonded inner liner merging the hull, stringer and deck together.  With a shoebox lid fit the deck is fastened and sealed creating a water tight bond that allows water to channel down the deck to the self bailing scuppers.

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