Misty Harbor Biscayne Bay Series Pontoon Boat

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Misty Harbor Biscayne Bay Series

The Biscayne Bay Series has proven to be one of the top pontoon boats on the water.  Attention to detail on fit and finish and over all performance is what makes this Misty Harbor series the best boat on the market.

The Misty Harbor Biscayne Bay Series offers a 18′ to 25′ Pontoon Boat.  You can choose between standard, sport or triple pontoon configurations which can offer maximum horsepower ratings up to 300HP on the larger packages.

Misty Harbor – Consistent Innovation, Newest Technology and Family Owned

Live Your Life in the Harbor!

Biscayne Bay BC

Biscayne Bay RL

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Biscayne Bay CU

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Biscayne Bay CB

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