NauticStar Fishing Close Out

NauticStar Boats are built with a focus on innovation, style, performance and durability. The workers at the state-of-the-art NauticStar manufacturing facility take pride in building boats with 100% Wood Free Construction, One-Piece Molded Fiberglass Stringer, and Uni-Body Boat Construction. This design and engineering coupled with a best in industry staff makes NauticStar Center Console and Deck Boats the best on the water.

Wood-Free Construction: With NauticStar’s wood-free construction your boat will maintain it’s integrity over it’s lifetime. The hand layered fiberglass adds to your hull and deck’s strength while the marine vinyl ester barrier coat increases the durability of your hull to extend it’s life.

One-Piece Molded Fiberglass Stringer: This innovative approach that NauticStar uses creates a boat that has unmatched structural integrity. These fiberglass stringers are foam filled industrial strength units. To increase floatation and reduce vibration the space between the stringer system is filled with marine grade foam.

Uni-Body Boat Construction: During the construction process NauticStar merges the separate pieces into one cohesive boat. This water tight fit allows for the self-bailing cockpit while keeping water out of the boats internal cavities. With this type of construction, not only does it allow for the hull to last the lifetime of the boat, it also creates a dry and easy to clean deck.

Because of the innovative design and attention to details NauticStar boats are a smooth and dry running boat. There isn’t a better ride than a NauticStar.

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