Center Console Boats

Center Console Boats

Serious Fishing Boats and Tons of Family Fun

Center Console Boats continue to evolve.  Often thought of as just hardcore fishing boats, which they are, however they also doing extremely well as watersport and cruising boats.  The diversity they offer allows for a family to purchase one boat that will handle fishing, water skiing, diving, sand bar hoping or cruising.  Have no fear, you can still build a hardcore fishing boat.

Easily identified, center console boats have a helm station centrally located in the boat.  Many time they have either a fiberglass or canvass T-Top.  Almost all the new center consoles come with outboard power these days.  Their hull style can vary depending on use, flat bottoms, deep V, modified V and even double hulled catamarans.  Whatever boat you choose, whether it is fishing only, cruising only or a versatile family model center console boats are easy to maintain, fuel efficient and extremely functional.

Sea Fox Center Console Boats

Family and Fishing, that is the focus for Sea Fox Commander center consoles.  These center console boats are designed by fishermen for fishermen. With comfortable and accommodating bow seating forward of the console we have designed this area to be ideal for family cruising and entertaining. The smart design consoles boast automotive style ergonomics, paying close attention to every detail, even our smallest models are certain to exceed every captain’s expectations. Fish boxes are conveniently mounted in the floor for easy access (where they should be). The rear of each cockpit can comfortably seat adults, whether it be with flip-down jump seats or a rear folding bench seat, to maximize fishing space. The Sea Fox Commander line offers all of the amenities you would expect from a professional fishing vessel and then we pair each model generously with family-friendly comforts. Every model has at least one conveniently located live well that will hold more than enough baitfish for a full day of fishing.

Jeanneau Center Console Boats

This Center Console Boat excels at fun family excursions on the water.  If you are looking for a family runabout but like the layout and extra space of a center console boats then look no further.  The Jenneau center consoles are designed based on their widely popular cruising cousins.  Perfect for weekend cruising, restaurant hoping, sunset cruising or even some fishing.  That means you are getting yacht quality luxury in these center console boats.  The bench seats, sofa and huge cockpit give you the most comfortable space possible for enjoying the sun or entertaining.  The forward bow lounging deck area provides more seating and sunning space than the large deck boats.  Not many center console boats offer a berth and full head with shower below deck, but this large boat does.  A taste of French Luxury built for the American Boater.

AquaSport Center Console Boats

Aquasports boats are designed to do exactly what you need them to do. Whether you want a day of fishing or skiing, our boats are for you.

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