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With so many new pontoon boats for sale around the Delaware Beaches and Maryland’s Eastern shore it is certainly easy to get overwhelmed with the large number of manufactures and multitude of Delaware Boat Dealers.  Not to mention that they all have a unique selling angle that positions their brand as the best.  Below are 12 items that show you why Crest is Best.

Crest Caribbean 250 SLR2 BC19

1 – Four Fully Sealed Pontoon Chambers:  You should never leave safety up to chance while on the water.  Crest Pontoon Boats offer four solid bulkheads in each tube, creating fully sealed chambers for maximum flotation.  This is a Crest Boat exclusive safety feature.

2 – Long and Thick Nose Cones:  Offering a smooth ride in rough water Crest manufactures the thickest and longest [...]

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