Bow Riders

Is It Possible to Have More Family Fun on the Water

The new Bow Riders have grown into the most versatile family runabout available.  Bow Riders offer a comfortable, wide bow that enhances space and comfort for your passengers.  This hull shape comes to the water in with V-hull where innovative design keeps your ride fast and comfortable. With the handling of a high performance boat and the expanded space your activities on the water are endless.  A Bow Rider is perfect for cruising the bays and creeks or simply slowing things down and having a leisurely swim. However, make no mistake when your crew wants watersports this style of boat excels at pulling tubes, skiers, and wakeboards.  With convenient swim platforms and ladders it is easy to get back on board.  With today’s reliable Yamaha outboard motors you have an extremely efficient and powerful boat.

Deck Boats in Delaware

Monterey Bow Riders

After more that 30 years, the highly talented Monterey Engineers continue to improve on their perfectly designed boats.  This never-ending relentless commitment to quality has made this boat manufacturer the true front-runner in the family pleasure boat industry.  Designed with the intention to provide low maintenance, yet high performance, these boats provide a luxury experience at a very affordable and competitive price.

Not many boats get improved on each year, but the team at Monterey update their model lines each and every year.  They have a highly unique process that takes advantage of 3D modeling software.  Their engineers keep ahead of the curve by producing scale models and then full-scale replicas to ensure function ability and consumer comfort.  Having a thorough testing procedure for power, performance, and efficiency allow Monterey boats to offer a boat that far surpasses any other manufacture, which also includes a limited transferable lifetime warranty on the hull AND deck

Sea Fox Bow Riders

Watersports and floating beach parties are the name of the game with Sea Fox Bow Riders. Skiing, tubing and wakeboarding in the morning, no problem.  Sandbar rafting and restaurant running… equally up to the task.  These boats are about having fun on the water.  Manufactured to the highest possible design standards the Sea Fox boats pass rigorous quality testing before leaving the factory.  They also boast 100% wood free construction and come with reliable Yamaha Power.  This state of the art design offers one of the best riding boats on the market.  Sea Fox truly boast a sport performance boat that offers tremendous passenger capacity and comfort while providing all the power necessary for fun filled days on the water.

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